Thursday, October 27, 2011




My husband and I have been hearing these words for four years now. Our house has been on and off the market so many times that we've lost count. I have given "stuff" away, thrown "stuff" away, boxed "stuff" away. In the process I have found that I really don't need all this "stuff." I had to pause and laugh because I don't even miss the "stuff" that's boxed. So, why then do I continue to hold onto it? I keep thinking that when the change comes and we move that I may need these things.

Now I am wondering about change and move, because God has moved us out of our comfort zone and brought an unexpected change into our lives. The change is a SHE. Let me explain:

SHE--A target of the destroyer
SHE--A lamb returned to the fold
SHE--A woman-child trying to find her place in this world and God's plan for her
SHE--A girl who came to us with a puppy and a broken heart
SHE--A part of our family now
SHE--A daughter we never had (we have 3 boys, all grown)
SHE--A constant source of laughter
SHE--A child of God
SHE--A true worshipper
SHE--A story that is being written on the pages of heaven
SHE--A reason for me and my husband to stay in constant prayer seeking wisdom
SHE--A source of encouragement
SHE--A tender heart
SHE--A reflection of Christ
SHE--A soul moved by the Spirit
SHE--A willing vessel of the Lord


Her name is Shea. She moves us closer to Christ and one another. She challenges us with her questions and her strong will to serve her Lord, no matter what the cost. She has let go of people she loves because she realized they were holding her back. She has been dealing with a broken heart. And still she laughs and smiles and worships. Still, she reaches out to receive more of God. And we pray as God fills in all the broken places with His love and mercy and grace.

She still struggles. Don't we all!?!

She is a light. It isn't always easy being a light in a dark place. A light stands out. A light draws attention, even the kind of attention you don't want. The enemy takes notice of the light and he has many ways to try to snuff out our light. But she is like one of those trick birthday candles that you blow out and just when you think the fire is gone, it springs back to life. And she laughs. And she worships.

And when she is hurt she cries and she asks why just like we all do. Then, she finds something to be joyful about. And she springs back to life. And she laughs. And she worships harder, because that's what a worshipper does.

I watch as she walks through fire because her way of worship isn't understood. But I know God is working in her and refining her. That is how He works. He is building her character and I watch in amazement as He prepares her for Himself.

Everyone she meets tells her, "God has an awesome plan for you."
She watches for it and wonders what it is. She asks why it is taking so long and why she doesn't know what it is yet. And I laugh because she is so young and even at my age I often wonder these same things. But I know God is speaking to her and she shares her heart full of Jesus and I share mine. And we spring to life together. And we laugh. And we worship. Because that's what worshippers do!!

And Shea has moved us.
And Shea has changed us.
And Shea has challenged us.
We love you, Shea!!

Proverbs 31:30 Favor (charm) is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, SHE shall be praised.

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